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Assessing Skin - With Naturopathic Eyes

Ever wondered what makes up a Naturopathic Skin/Esthetics Assessment?

In Naturopathic Medicine, we are focused on

determining the causes of any imbalances and seeking to resolve those, as opposed to just covering up the symptoms. This is no different when treating your skin - we start with a thorough intake, evaluation and physical assessment.

To start we’ll review your key concerns: acne, discoloration, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. We go into great depth looking at the history of your concerns, family history, what your lifestyle habits might be doing to contribute to the condition of your skin.

We spend a lot of time investigating your overall health and lifestyle to identify areas that might be affecting your skin health, including:

- Dietary analysis and possible nutrient deficiencies/imbalances

- Digestive concerns: SIBO, food sensitivities, dysbiosis, malabsorption

- Hormone imbalances: Estrogen/Progesterone? Testosterone? Thyroid hormones??

- Stress and the influence of Cortisol levels

- Liver Health & Detoxification

- DNA polymorphisms and Genetic influences that make you more susceptible to deficiencies

Testing options are available for all of the above and based on these and your intake, a personalized nutraceutical plan will be developed.

Good products are far more important than many people realize. Using the correct combination of Medical-grade products (Dr Katarine carries AlumierMD) can not only correct any current issues (acne, dry skin, pigmentation issues) but also prevent the development of longer-term problems (melasma, wrinkles, deeper pigmentation). Dr Katarine can help get you started on your personalized a skin care regime. Using functional products that provide results makes skin care easy and so rewarding.

Finally, we like to mention one of hottest topics in skin health – Botox – a treatment which is only growing in popularity and relevance. Our clinic offers Neuciva injections (the newer, cleaner cousin to the Botox) to help address wrinkles and dynamic skin lines as well as preventative for their development! Addressing forehead lines, frown lines, crows Feet and other areas of concern, cosmetic injections can usually be done in your first visit, start to take effect at between 3-10 days and often last 3-4 months!

Your skin is a direct representation of your inner health, so put your best face forward everyday!

Dr Katarine has advanced training in skin health assessment, treatment (including facial rejuvenation acupuncture) and cosmetic injection therapies. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment her, please don’t hesitate to call the clinic at 250-585-2150.

In Health & Beauty

Dr Katarine Holewa ND RAc

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