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IT’S 2023!! Refresh, Restart, Relax!

Did you make any "resolutions" or goals for the new year?

If so, how about a few easy tips for getting yourself back on track and making implementing them a wee bit easier this year.

1) Write your goals down, and be specific

  • Writing it down, wherever you choose to do so, adds a bit of finality and power to it. Not only that, you can keep track or your progress over time.

2) Get inspired – ask yourself: “why do I want this?”

  • If you have particular reason, you’ll be more likely to stick with it!

3) Make it something you actually enjoy doing

  • It is REALLY hard to stick to something that you dread or dislike doing.

  • If you choose something that you have been wanting to do, used to love, or are inspired by, you’ll look forward to it every day – and might even be motivated to do it more often!

    • For example: You want to become more fit – well don’t choose to start running if you’ve always hated it. There are many different options: biking, swimming, dance class… you get the picture.

4) Focus on YOU for awhile

  • This doesn’t mean turning into a self-centered egoist, but just setting aside “me-time” to do your thing and feeling good about caring for yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll feel about your relationships, your partner, your kids, etc.!

5) Get the gear

  • It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but it’s a lot more fun, comfortable and safe to exercise with the proper equipment. Yoga pants, good shoes, a helmet, whatever you need, if you’ve got the gear, you’ll be motivated and feel better doing it!

6) Work from easy to hard. Build up your confidence

  • Starting hard may make you feel defeated before even gotten into it. You feel better about yourself if it is doable, and you see progress as you go.

7) Do it with friends/in a team

  • Not only is it more fun to be in a group, bot like-minded people will not only support you, but they likely know a bit about what you’re trying to accomplish, even if it is because they are/have done it – you may be able to get/share/give tips!

8) Sign up for lessons or an event.

  • There’s way more motivation to learning how to dance if there’s a performance or competition to show off at in the end!

9) Get help

  • Trainers and coaches are there for a reason. Top athletes aren’t embarrassed to use them/ask for help – don’t you be!

10) Don’t be hard on yourself if you have a setback

  • Chocolate cake on your daughter’s birthday doesn’t mean you’re back to square one. It just means you enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake. That’s allowed. The same holds true if you miss a class or day of running. Just get back to it next day/week.

11) Finally, reward yourself along the way.

  • When you pass milestones, celebrate so you feel good about yourself, to make it memorable, and to inspire you to keep going. Telling someone about your successes is also a great way to share your accomplishments and receive well-deserved praise, which will further motivate you to keep going.

Good luck!

Send me your goals and resolutions, as well as your stories of success!

I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

Let 2023 be your year to say, “I did it”!

In health,

Dr Katarine Holewa ND RAc

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