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Joint Pain? Have you heard of Prolo?

Prolotherapy – Treatment (not band-aid) for Joint Pain!

Don't let pain keep you from doing what you love

What is Prolotherapy?

  • Prolotherapy, also referred to as “Ligament Reconstruction Therapy”, is a well recognized treatment for chronic joint pain. Prolotherapy injections help to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes by creating controlled inflammation in the area. This inflammation draws neutrophils, blood vessels and oxygen and other nutrients to the area resulting in reformation and regrowth of new tissue in the proper alignment. Properly aligned tissues permit for appropriate nutrient and blood flow as well as normalized mobility, thus removing the dysfunction that causes pain.

Why do joints become unstable and painful?

  • Joint support tissues (ligaments, tendons, connective tissue) only work properly when they are aligned, springy/moveable and receiving adequate nutrients from optimal blood flow. When these tissues that usually support your joints become injured, they may not heal properly, sometimes becoming stretched and other times restricted and stiff. This can negatively affect blood flow as well as proper-smooth function of the joint, causing constant irritation which then leads to inflammation, stretched or contracted tissues and eventually scar tissue formation. This can all result in improper mobility and chronically painful joints.

What types of conditions can Prolotherapy treat?

  • Prolotherapy may be beneficial for any chronic joint, tendon and ligament injury/instability, and some acute injuries as well. It can also improve nerve and muscle conditions that result from joint dysfunction. Some common examples include:

    • Sports injuries

    • Knee pain (meniscus, ligaments)

    • Shoulder pain (rotator cuff, dislocation)

    • Tennis and Golfers Elbow

    • Chronic low back and neck pain, Disk herniation

    • Achilles tendonitis

    • Headaches and Migraines due to neck pain/restriction

    • Hip pain

How many injections are needed?

  • Each situation is different and following assessment Dr Katarine will be able to provide you with an individualized treatment plan. In general, 4-6 sets of injections done between 2-4 weeks apart is recommended. Some patients will return in 3 or 6 months for a treatment.

If you have joint pain or inappropriate mobility in a joint and are interested in discussing Prolotherapy or any other joint therapy (Neural therapy, Mistletoe therapy) with Dr Katarine, please don’t hesitate to call. Dr Katarine has been performing injection therapy and treating pain for over 10 years and would love to help you achieve relief and optimize function to permit you to live easier and more comfortably!

Dr Katarine ND RAc

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